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"Building Your Business One Fastener at a Time."

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Greetings from Fasteners Direct! I'm Mike Parr a member of our Account Executive Team.

We're actively seeking partnerships with industry leaders and manufacturers. Fasteners Direct is positioned to become your premier supplier, offering quality products and unparalleled service. Regardless of the scale or complexity of your fastener needs, we're committed to being your reliable and trusted source.

Covering Florida, Tennessee, Eastern New York and Pennsylvania, I specialize in delivering fastener products as well as proven systems designed to make your business run lean. I am 100% dedicated to identifying and implementing solutions that are customized for your specific business and fastener requirements.

Our exclusive FD Systems, are customized to meet your unique needs and workflow. These systems are proven to increase customer satisfaction, providing a personalized experience like no other. With tailored solutions, our FD Systems deliver exceptional benefits, while saving you time and money on the very things that keep your business moving.

We also have a growing catalog of videos explaining each of our FD Systems, including Stock and Lock for locked in pricing, Custom Kitting and Labeling, SureStock for next-level VMI, on-site Lean System Evaluation service, Rebates for web ordering discounts and much more.

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FD System Focus Newsletter

Are you a manufacturer looking for quality fasteners and customized solutions? This monthly newsletter is designed with you in mind. Stay informed about the latest trends in the fastener industry, especially if you're interested in bulk orders, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services and locked-in pricing.

Whether you're experienced or new to the industry, this newsletter is a valuable resource. Join our community of business partners and explore how tailored services can streamline your operations and make your manufacturing process more efficient, one fastener at a time.

Click on the thumbnail for the current newsletter or here to see previous editions.

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