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Compile a list of your most commonly used parts.
We will stock them for you and lock your pricing. Guaranteed.

You can send through a list of your common fasteners or just lock in one or two items.


Locking in pricing in the fastener industry provides stability and predictability for both the buyer and the seller. By agreeing on a fixed price for a specified period, as buyer you can budget more accurately and avoid the risk of price increases. Our customers can plan production and inventory levels with confidence, knowing that the prices they have agreed upon will remain unchanged.

Stocking fasteners ahead of price fl uctuations can provide you with a distinct competitive advantage. Our service enables faster delivery times and avoid delays caused by supply chain disruptions. This also leads to improved customer satisfaction and retention. Additionally, it helps our customers save money by purchasing fasteners at a lower price before a price increase occurs. Furthermore, stocking inventory can also provide a buffer against unforeseen shortages, helping our customers avoid costly downtime in their operations.

FD Stock and Lock integrates seamlessly with FD Sure Stock as well as FD Custom Kitting and Labeling to provide super-charged services helping your business save time and money on the very things that keep your business running. Check out our Video Resources page and watch one of our quick videos detailing these FD Systems along with many other topics of interest.

Our team will customize the Stock & Lock program to meet your needs.

FD Stock and Lock Advantages:

  • Fixed Cost
  • No Stock Outs
  • No Increased Inventory
  • Not Billed Until Shipped
  • We can use your part number for seamless integration with your system
  • Your parts can be packaged how you want it. From small boxes that are custom labeled to specialized time-saving Kits, FD will partner with you to maximize your workfl ow.
  • 3 -12 month lock-in programs are available.
  • Peace of Mind: This is the best fastener system available that offers guaranteed pricing and guaranteed stock with flexible release quantities and release dates.

"Say NO to Unpredictable Price Fluctuations"

Don’t let this happen!

Your company has just landed a large contract that will begin in 8-9 months. The bid was very competitive and your margins are very tight. After weeks or even months of preparation the paperwork is signed and the contract is yours. Seven months goes by and it's time to start ordering the thousands of parts needed. The only problem is that with the volatile economy the cost of the main parts needed has gone up by 30% or more! The FD Stock & Lock program solves this problem by guaranteeing stock availability with locked pricing from the time you bid until the job completion.

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