Fasteners Direct Programs


Comprehensive services designed to help your business run more efficiently.






Fasteners Direct found that the following disruptions occur in many businesses on a regular basis:

  • Lead times are longer than anticipated.
  • Mixed or defective parts are received.
  • There is a lack of inventory to sustain product.
  • Upon arrival, the packaging is broken. 
  • Packaging is mislabled or not labeled at all. 
  • There are too many back orders. 
  • The product has been lost, or is damaged during shipment.

    As the global economy places an ever increasing strain on businesses, these types of problems eat away at already thining margins.


    Fasteners Direct Systems was created to decrease or eliminate these problems all-together.


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    Sure Stock:

    Also known as the Fasteners Direct on-site stock system – with this program you will always have inventory at your facility that will be refilled on a regular basis via our re-stock process. You can change stock quantities at any time, at no additional charge.


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    Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI):

    A salesman will routinely visit your facility and refill any empty bins.

    Vendor-Managed Inventory reduces overstock waste and any related expenses.



    Customized Kits:

    Fasteners Direct produces customized kits for your business. Instead of numerous parts for a specific job, a kit will combine them all into one manageable part that can be re-ordered when needed. All kits are put into custom packaging and sent to your facility.



    Customized Labels:

    Custom labels are an easy and free way to clearly label all kits, packages and bags for your facility.



    Will Call:

    Will call orders are available when your company needs the part right away. With will call, our order will be filled promptly so you can pick it up at our facility.

    *Will call orders must be placed before 2:00 p.m. EST to be filled the same day.

    ** Will call orders are subject to a COD term.



    Customer Rewards:

    Whenever you place an order, you can earn rewards towards gift cards and other merchandise. 


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